First created for the drINK lounge at BKLYNDESIGNS2016, benchlet has since appeared in many forms, many places, and in many colors. benchlet is simple, restaurant-y, workshop-ish. Its’ low profile allows benchlet to be stowed completely under the table. Setting your things on a chair seems messy_benchlet can instantly become a side table guilt-free. benchlet is much less expensive than a chair. And you can't slouch on a benchlet. An off-center cut-out slot in the top is multi-functional: convenient handle, point of visual interest, incoming bill filing...

 48 40 46H ( 18.5 x 15.5 x 18”H )

multi-ply, common tulipwood, black-oxide Xlarge thumbscrew+socket head cap screws, iron wingnut. various colorings. water-based clear-coat poly finish. packs flat and ships common carrier