danielmoyerdesign is a dream+make design studio/workshop in east williamsburg brooklyn

Daniel Moyer pays homage to the essential language of wood with his impeccable furniture collection. There is a divine simplicity to his work that seems to invoke a kind of rugged American nostalgia for the craft of centuries past while remaining incredibly modern.
— MVWideas august 2013
Just looking at his work you see an obvious respect and total commitment to craft and quality. It’s the work of someone who has mastered an art.
— THE HAND&EYE july 2014
We first came across Daniel Moyer’s skateboards before learning they were made from the cut-offs from his furniture business. Brooklyn based and previously part of BKLYNDESIGNS, he is an ideas man. His portfolio consists of one offs and prototypes of varying designs of complexity in their ancient techniques and elaborate joinery, and is balanced and complimented by the sleek flair of the funkinfunctionlongboards. With years of experience as a maker in NY, he continues to create new and relevant pieces such as the sustainable and recently exhibited “I would do backsprings 4 you chair.” Slow furniture done this well is always worth waiting for.
— WOOD IN DESIGN april 2012
Daniel Moyer’s signature elements- the gentle outward curve of his “shoes+socks” stacked legs, the floating top. a clever mismatch of joinery: a combination of old school mortise and tenon and standard off the shelf hardware, pins and rods and turnbuckles and giant wingnuts, but especially his obvious romance with wood and its’ beautiful imperfection- all combine in the production of a body of modern work with an air of instant antiquity.
— workshop.chic press release april 2013
Why would anybody want to live in a house like this?
— Sidney